Partytime; Decorating the Cups.

Why is every toy we buy secured with thousands of little twisty-plastic-wire thingos? Who decided that all toys must now be fastened in a manner appropriate for a suspension bridge or deep sea oil rig? As if removing them isn’t hard enough, it is always accompanied by an hysterically excited child, incredulous that you could take this long to extricate a piece of plastic from it’s packaging.  Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and you’re running out of valuable time to prepare all the party food for the battalion of savages -sorry – children who will shortly arrive to raze your house to the ground…

My despair turned to delight when I finally found a use for these annoying wire fasteners: as stems for crepe flowers to wind around objects. In this case the object is plastic cups for a children’s party. You can use either crepe or tissue paper for this project.

Cut thin strips

Dot of PVA

Kink the wire & attach

Roll the crepe around

More PVA for the end

Secure the base








Click the link below for more detailed instructions on how to make these flower ties. The next post will be “Colour Mixing Mocktails” in which we will make fun drinks to fill the cups with.

Click here for ‘Crepe Flower’ instructions

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3 Responses to Partytime; Decorating the Cups.

  1. Karen keiper says:

    what a great idea. my little girl is three next month i think we will have these at her party!

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  3. Great idea – will put a link on my Blog – Craft and Activities for the Elderly – as I think this would be a lovely idea, decorating glasses for a party – with an option of a drop of wine in the galss!

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