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  1. Nicole says:

    HI. I having been searching the internet high and low for the original “owners” of a handprint butterfly image, I somehow got here :)
    My question is, is the image copyrighted? May I use it on the front of an ebook cover? I dont know how these things work, I just wouldnt want to use it if it were illegal in some way.
    Well, please email me back as soon as you can and let me know if I am in the right place and if I could use the image. I have seen the image on many blogs also, so I know it has been used, but didnt know about an ebook cover for a preschool curriculum….

  2. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get your feature posted on Sun Scholars! I have it all ready to go now, and it is scheduled to post at 8am Central US time on 9/13 (so about 12 hours from now).

    Thanks so much for sharing your dragon puppet at Sun Scholars!!! I hope that my feature of your site gets you some new readers!

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