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My work is intended to be a simple guide for non-crafty, “creatively-challenged” parents.  The concept behind this site arose from what I perceived to be the near universal need for parents of small children to find novel and challenging activities to occupy what can sometimes seem like a very long day.

I have a Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art from Curtin University and over 10 years’ experience working in the visual arts industry. Besides my training and interests, the real catalyst for creating this blog came with the birth of my 2 children.

Like most new parents I was stunned, and somewhat dismayed, to discover that life at home with small children was not the Anne Geddes postcard I always assumed it would be. Days were comprised of the usual highs and lows that accompany children and their by-products. But most of all, the days were long. So I did what every mother, desperate for adult conversation, does: I joined a playgroup.

Upon joining Possum Pals Playgroup I was startled to discover that I wasn’t alone; everyone else battled with the same issues as I did. The other important discovery was that I was really good at something – I excelled when it was my turn to do the ‘craft activity’. Other mothers seemed to view their turn at craft, like an impending surgery appointment. Some claimed they’d rather cut up the morning tea for a year straight than come up with a craft. Others spent outrageous amounts of time and money on elaborate craft kits that the kids would invariably destroy.

All we want to do is keep the kids occupied with a minimum of mess, fuss and expense. Through Jellyfishjelly I am endeavoring to provide clever ideas on doing just that.

Miya Maeda

Perth, Western Australia

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  1. Aruna says:

    I have to say I am having so much fun looking through your projects, and the best thing is that you’re Aussie, so I will be able to find the materials you’re using! Thank you!

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